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Help your team reach their full potential by practicing the most in-demand soft skills in the workplace
We help your team understand each other better across cultures
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We offer all possible formats of learning from traditional in-person to metaverse sessions
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Cross-Cultural Communication
When your team is able to communicate across cultures, it saves your company time and money
  • Hand-picked IRL and on-demand workshops
    We know what your team needs and will deliver that
  • 100% engagement
    You are constantly engaged = no boring sessions.
    You learn by doing real things virtually
  • Learn what YOU need
    Personalized development plan for every Techville citizen where you learn on the fly
Successful professionals take these training
Top soft skills training that every professional needs to take
  • Developing your Emotional Intelligence (EQ)
    How to understand and manage emotions, communicate effectively, build positive relationships, and overcome stress in both personal and professional settings.
  • Handling tough conversations
    Equip your team with effective communication skills to navigate challenging situations constructively and with empathy.
  • Team culture uplift
    Improve your team dynamics and enhance collaboration, communication, and productivity by increasing emotional intelligence and developing positive work habits.
  • Feedback matters
    Get the tools to give and receive feedback constructively, promote growth and development, and establish a culture of openness and trust within your company.
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